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The Dying Away of Cultural Christianity

by Brett McCracken on

The number of people in the U.S. who call themselves Christians is shrinking. And that’s a good thing. Every few years, new data shows an ongoing decline of Americans who identify as Christians...... Read full article

Kepemimpinan Nehemia


Model kepemimpinan Nehemia... Read full article

Abandoned by Drug Addict Parents is Adopted By Christian Parent, Becomes Gold Medal Champion

by Benny Johnson on

Abandoned by drug addict parents but saving by grace and become gold medal champion... Read full article

Worship Leader, Stop Trying To Be Cool


It’s time for the worship leaders to arise who care deeply about people and care deeply about the presence of God. A kind of worship leader who knows the people he serves and knows the God He worships.... Read full article

Mengapa orang tidak mau mendengar firman?

by Effendi Susanto STh on

Tuhan menuntut kita bukan sekedar membaca namun juga menaati firman Tuhan. Setiap minggu engkau dan saya berbakti kepada Tuhan, mendengarkan firman Tuhan. Tetapi pada waktu kita mendengar firman Tuhan itu, berapa lama kita masih mengingatnya?... Read full article