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Leader is Our Mission

by Mulyadi Budiyanto, M.A. on

John Maxwell berkata: “Rahasia jatuh bangunnya sebuah organisasi terletak pada pemimpinnya.” Pernyataan ini terbukti ketika sebuah tim olah raga yang selalu kalah tidak akan mengganti pemainnya, tetapi akan segera mengganti pelatih yang memimpin tim.... Read full article

Kepemimpinan Nehemia


Model kepemimpinan Nehemia... Read full article

16 Billionaires Who Prove Jesus Is the Only Thing Needed for Success

by Jessalyn Justice on

From Truett Cathy to the Benham Brothers to Pat Robertson, Jesus-followers are making an impact across American culture. ... Read full article

Why One Weak Area in Your Life Can Make You Feel Unbalanced

by Dave Ramsey on

The 7 areas you need to keep in check.... Read full article

How to Tell Who You Can Truly Trust in Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof on

“Just because you would trust someone personally doesn’t mean you should trust them in leadership.” So who can you trust … I mean truly trust in leadership?... Read full article

Accelerating the Gospel: How technology enables us to create Kingdom foretastes like never before

by Christoper Lim on

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase: “Accelerating the Gospel”? Do you think of rockets launching satellites into space to broadcast the Bible to the ends of the earth–and the far reaches of the known universe?... Read full article

Faith + Tech + Entrepreneurship Q&A

by Christopher Lim on

How do you think theologically about technology & its creation? I think one of the major insights I gleaned from From the Garden to the City is that God is redeeming not only human beings, but also human makings...... Read full article

5 Qualities of People Who Use Time Wisely

by John C. Maxwell on

Time stewardship is perhaps a leader’s greatest responsibility. In the words of Peter Drucker, “Nothing else distinguishes effective executives as much as their tender loving care of time.” How do we maximize the precious hours given to us each day.... Read full article

Pengalaman Misi Di Negri Brasil


Dulu bangsa Indonesia telah menerima Missionaris dari luar negeri.Joseph Kham pernah sampai di Maluku. Nomensen pernah sampai di Tanah Batak.Mengapa bangsa Indonesia tidak bisa pergi ke pada bangsa lain?... Read full article

Andrew Murray: Diubah dan Mengubah Orang Melalui Doa

by Renungan Harian on

Bila orang kerap menganggap doa sebagai kekonyolan, tidak demikian halnya dengan Andrew Murray. ... Read full article