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Ilmuwan Materi Terbaik


Lihatlah sekelilingmu dan hitunglah ada berapa jumlah barang? Jika anda dirumah, mungkin anda melihat telivisi, pigura, meja ataupun kursi. Jika anda diluar, anda bisa melihat gedung, jembatan, pohon, ataupun batu. ... Read full article

Mengucap Syukur


Karena manusia hanya mengetahui apa yang di depan mata, Tetapi TUHAN MENGETAHUI JAUH KEDEPAN TENTANG RENCANA YANG INDAH BAGI MEREKA YANG MENGASIHI DIA.... Read full article

Why Code for the Kingdom?

by Christopher Lim, MSc. on

For the recent Global Code for the Kingdom Hackathon, I had the privilege of sharing “Why Code for the Kingdom?” This is a video and manuscript of the talk.... Read full article

Faith + Tech + Entrepreneurship Q&A

by Christopher Lim on

How do you think theologically about technology & its creation? I think one of the major insights I gleaned from From the Garden to the City is that God is redeeming not only human beings, but also human makings...... Read full article

Accelerating the Gospel: How technology enables us to create Kingdom foretastes like never before

by Christoper Lim on

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase: “Accelerating the Gospel”? Do you think of rockets launching satellites into space to broadcast the Bible to the ends of the earth–and the far reaches of the known universe?... Read full article

Coding in the Dark: The Risks and Rewards of Innovating for the Kingdom

by Christopher Lim, MSc. on

What are the Risks and Rewards of Innovating for the Kingdom? What is it like to live at the intersection of faith, technology and entrepreneurship? What makes taking risks for the Kingdom of God worthwhile even in the face of failure?... Read full article

Respected Scientist Says He Found Proof God Exists

by Veronica Neffinger on

One of the world’s most respected scientists has said that there is scientific proof that points to the existence of God.... Read full article