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Coding in the Dark: The Risks and Rewards of Innovating for the Kingdom

by Christopher Lim, MSc. on

What are the Risks and Rewards of Innovating for the Kingdom? What is it like to live at the intersection of faith, technology and entrepreneurship? What makes taking risks for the Kingdom of God worthwhile even in the face of failure?... Read full article

Respected Scientist Says He Found Proof God Exists

by Veronica Neffinger on

One of the world’s most respected scientists has said that there is scientific proof that points to the existence of God.... Read full article

Worry Causes Stress, Health Problems


When we are worrying, we are in the midst of repetitive thinking, but it never resolves the situation – we only think it might.... Read full article

Resmi, Wisatawan Dari 45 Negara Ini Bebas Visa Kunjungan Wisata Ke Indonesia

by Setkab on

Presiden Joko Widodo pada tanggal 9 Juni 2015 telah menandatangani Peraturan Presiden Nomor 69 Tahun 2015 tentang Bebas Visa Kunjungan.... Read full article

Harga Sebuah Kejujuran

by Daily Mail on

Akibat Kejujurannya, Perempuan Pemulung Ini...... Read full article