Bethany Sidney


The Church has a global vision called: “Successful Bethany Families” We believe in FAMILY as the core unit where AGAPE LOVE is the foundation. Bethany is the house where Jesus always stayed overnight as the symbol of HIS presence. Martha and Marry of Bethany is the symbol of horizontal and vertical ministry, where both meet creates the symbol of the CROSS. Lazarus of Bethany is the evidence of the power of resurrection. We believe in family who honour the presence of Jesus Christ, worship and serve HIM as LORD and Saviour wholeheartedly, surely will be blessed, victorious and successful. Our Philosophy Restoring People who have been reconnected to Christ being restored to a place of wholeness in HIM. Resourcing People of different potential ‘being’ empowered to develop their full promise in life by being with Christ & others in HIM. Releasing People with different capabilities ‘being’ empowered to distribute the ‘Good News’ in every corner of the city; the country; the continent and the cosmos! Our Values Biblical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Compassionate, Missional

Bathany Sidney


500 Harris Street
Sidney, New South Wales 2007

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